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Doing the Mango tango

 I go, we go, you go.

Mango. Super Fruit. Buy one, peel it down. Savor the succulent mass of alfa bet your sweet antioxidents.

A, C, E.

Ace a mango.

The humility of a mango. How the skin releases it's interior dally daily dialogue.

Being unknown. Practice flowing sensations, this dancing mango simplicity. 

Mr. Mango said, "Remember, there are two kinds of people in the world."

"What are they?" wondered a child.

"There are people who want to blame you and people who want to distract you."

"I see," said the child. "You mean, according to the philosopher, Damon Young, 'distraction is chiefly an inability to identify, attend to what is valuable, even when we are hard working or content.'"

"Yes," that is what I mean," laughed Mr. Mango doing the tango with some Taoist monks.