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The Language Company The Language Company
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Ice girl in Banlung Ice girl in Banlung
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Asia for sale

Across a porous border is the dry season in Khmer civilization.

Leaders, bleeders and corrupt businessmen sell forests to furniture, chopstick and toothpick fact stories in China/Nam. Let’s eat.

Greed is a hungry animal.

Asian developers buy Cambodia and Laos to build garment sweatshops paying slaves $61 a month, golf courses, shopping centers filled with morose manikins and hundreds of empty glass and brass hotels financed by prostitution, opium, wild animals, natural resources, imperial emerald jade, rubies, Blue Zircon, sapphire.

Appliance factories, baby production machines and Mandarin language schools babble tongues.

China owns northern Laos. Vietnam owns the south. Thailand owns the electricity from twelve Lao dams on the Mekong. Sixty million farmers and fishermen starve downstream. Lights are on and nobody’s home.

In Phonsavan - Plain of Scars, Jars and Wars - before dawn every morning logging trucks carrying trees from Laos rumble toward Vietnam furniture factories.

$10,000 a tree.

Log in log on log out. The hills are alive with the sound of chainsaws.

As of August 2013, Asian investment in energy, mining and agriculture according to a financial source was:

Vietnam has 449 projects in Laos worth $5 billion.

Thailand has 760 projects in Laos worth $4.8 billion.

China has 800 projects in Laos worth $4 Billion.

Lao capital investment has twenty-nine hydropower projects valued at  $739 million, $271 million in mining and $100 in construction.

Asia is for sale. Act Now. Cheap. ABC.

The National Museum in Seems Ripe is 50% owned by Thailand. Khmer people don’t visit. It’s a tourist how now cash cow?

Angkor Wat is managed by Japan. Pass the sushi. Domo arigato.

The Language Company

Plain of Jars. Archeologists say giants created them for drinking 4,000 years ago. I know. I was there.



A man left his village outside Phonsavan in N.E. Laos. He walked up Street D-1. 

Hundreds of motorcycles raced past taking people to work, the market and schools.

Trucks roared up and down D-1 toward mountains and construction sites.

Dump trucks welded in China belching black smoke zoomed along filled with rocks, gravel and red dirt throwing dust into air. Semi tractor trailers labored uphill toward Vietnam loaded with economic potential.

Antiquated rusty green trucks from old wars carried newly cut massive trees to Vietnam furniture factories.

$10,000 a tree. Chairs, tables, toothpicks. Let's eat.

Rows of silver pickup trucks with tinted windows blasted along D-1. Motorcycles played road tag weaving in and out with tuk-tuks and H'mong women faces creased deep by years of labor carrying fresh vegetables to the market in wicker baskets on their backs.

A black and yellow bird in a cage near motorcycle repair shops whistled to the walking man. He shared whistles, I am a stranger here, there and everywhere.


speaking of trees

A web site, had a photo contest.

They asked for trees. He sent them an Angkor Wat monster.

They said it was a spectcular angle. They gave it an honorable mention. Here it is.

Towering, the tree said, thank you to the sun.