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once upon a time in a place
with dark mysterious scared eyes

sharp knives
and no money
poor lost blind people
from a poor lost blind village
came to a poor lost blind town
carrying their curiosity 
empty stomachs
empty pockets
and cheerful childlike stolidity 

inside teeming markets 
spilling vegetables, clothing, steaming food
invisible naked predatory children circle, hover near smells

watching eaters eat
the quick and dead

blind people laugh i live in the dark 

surrounded by light

hearing gold workers hammer
ruby, diamond, sapphire, emerald jewels

scattering gem sound seeds




massage girls
wait with white sheets on brown tables
under red umbrellas
resting on golden sand

cuticle management women
tread sand looking for needy nails

lost fat Russians slather on UV 30+
staring inland at backpackers

young eyes down on phone fingers
TEXT ME lonely baby of my heart and soul

mind rapture

a lone swimmer backstrokes
in calm blue green water

a small boat engine hums
toward a green forested is-land

floating away
on the surface of reality

in a dream bubble
laughing in the divine comedy



A river sang

Please don't push me
You can't push me

You can't step in me twice
You can try
Everyone fails

I am from the source
Consider my source

When you drink me

Tibetan clouds obscure granite peaks
Climb high

Humans carry a short life on their back
Women wear love's labor
Feeling a child's warmth behind them

Heartbeats mingle

Possibilities and potentials

Dreaming their long walk through jungles forests along a river

Be a river
Below the surface of appearances

Crescent yellow moon
Reflects hello dream

Dance on my surface
I am a mirror

Beauty before me
Beauty behind me
Beauty to my left
Beauty to my right
Beauty below me
Beauty above me

I am wide deep
I flow forever
No beginning no end

Are your needs being met
Mountain asked River

In the stream of life


Silent Potential

Dirt path yellow flowers
Kids collect plastic bottles, cardboard treasures

Slow day in a universe of unlimited potential

Enter stone zone
Machines, transport, street food sellers, balloons

Black and orange butterfly lifts into air from stagnant water
Composure present grounded with music curious eyes
Pregnant pigments
Joker card discovered in market dust
Pocket talisman
Little red house over yonder
PSP music echoes laughter

Razor blade in water coagulates light

Two dogs sleep in sultry shade
Old woman with broken teeth curls into hammock
Destined to be

Red dusty 2x4 entrance planks

small ditch

Littered with plastic bags bottles and shy language
Curious kids ask what is your name?



Simple Voice

After a reliable narrator

established a voice

geography, atmosphere, tone, conflict and cinematic jump cut action

employing minimum wage universal themes

like time, boredom, passion, loneliness and alienation

in an unforgiving universe of meaningless existence

with humor and curiosity holding hands

casting characters like plot

dragging others around

chained to their personality defects and character flaws

wearing original death masks

surrounded by distracted

simple, noisy, gadget addicted

compassionate illiterate peasants

in a play waiting for Godot

no one shows up

nothing happens

writing with a Mont Blanc 149 fountain pen

using Royal Blue invisible ink

on blank parchment

was pure luminous joy


Ho Chi Minh Museum, Saigon