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2,501 Roses


Welcome to another edition of "The Confusion Mouth," starring...our star of the Mandarin teaching sway, Ms. Know-It-All. You may remember her from the "You should just blend in," episode.

So, the story goes, the little elf was up early as usual one Friday for a morning class of writers. But he had no flowers to share with them in their bland empty room. He pedalled over to his secret rose garden before hordes of sleepy eyed, hungry, bored students hit the pedantic trail.

The garden was a riot of blooming pink and red roses. He trimmed back dead growth and selected six for their public display.

Later, carrying them to class he met the infamous Ms. Know-It-All walking in a crush of staring dumbfounded students.

"Why are you carrying roses?" she said in her normal highly defiant severe tone.
"They are my criteria for beauty."
"You look like a monk," she said, "and monks never carry roses."
"Really? Actually, they were lost, we met by chance and I'm guiding them to a safe place. Isn't life amazing?"


2,501 laughing smiles now

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