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29 may 06


The French Open Tennis Championships started today in Paris. As a tennis pro I had the pleasure of being there in '81 and '88 to appreciate the atmosphere and players. I admired the skill of Borg, Nastase, Vilas and Santana among others.

Clay is the toughest surface to play on, being slow and unpredictable. It requires stamina, patience, mental toughness and the ability to grind it out. Playing and sliding to the ball on red dirt is a joy.

On another tennis note, I read with a sadness and fond memory, that Ted Schroeder, Wimbledon and U.S. Open champion passed at 84.

"A regular spectator at Wimbledon in recent years, Schroeder would often criticize the modern game and its emphasis on power over finesse, saying too many men on the tour today hit the ball hard without trying to properly set up points." - A.P.

In the early '80's I taught at a small five star hotel along Lake Geneva. Ted was in town on business and stopped by for a hit. His movement and strokes were elegant. As a friend and contemporary of Jack Kramer he had the same fluid service motion. Effortless.

During one point in a friendly doubles match he hit a soft floating lob. I had it covered and shanked it wide, a silly unforced error. He smiled and said, "You're a pro. A pro doesn't miss the easy ones." One of life's little tennis lessons from the master.

Ted was a real gentleman. Thanks for the great memories. You will be missed.


Ted Schoeder Passes


29 may 06


"The Wind That Shakes The Barley," directed by Ken Loch won the Palme d'Or award at the Cannes Film Festival. His film deals with the Irish rebellion against British rule and subsequent civil war.

"Maybe if we tell the truth about the past, we can tell the truth about the present," Loch said.

Spanish and Latin American films had a big impact at Cannes.


Cannes Film Festival


28 may 06


Speaking of the old sod, words, history and culture here's a link to the Irish Book of Kells. It dates from 800 A.D. The vellum made of calfskin is illuminating. The monks were writers and illustrators.

It's permanently housed in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin. Turn a page and zoom in for close look.

Enjoy and peace.

Book of Kells


27 may 06


MK 22 is up with an Irish tale. Ah, the gift of the gab. Tramping in Donegal wet wildlands. Tom and Stacie are wrapping up their little adventure in the Emerald Isle.

See her link in our 19 May blog or Schimke Photo in Connections. Her Mason image is magnificient.

We've recently posted an Amazon book list. Just finished the amazing "Invisible Cities" by Italo Calvino. Turn the page.



25 may 06


My assistant, Mr. V.P. Pacemaker, in the land of dreams and nightmares has informed me that my trusty little penknife may be Exhibit A in the forthcoming circus of my aide-de-camp. This is a cause for worry and concern.

My little penknife is a handy-dandy gadget and very useful. Especially around the House when I need to really fix something or have an axe to grind. I will fight to my death to retain control and ownership of my little penknife.

My little penknife if questioned, will reveal that, "Yes, I was removed from his portly pocket on or about the beginning of June, 2003."

"At that time did you have any knowledge of, or inclination to blade a section of the daily rag containing information about a receipe for Yellow Cake?"

"No, I didn't. I've sliced sausages in Big Sky Country, fileted salmon near a roaring fire and diced apples but I've never met Yellow Cake."

"Do you like Yellow Cake?"

"It's ok with vanilla swirl."

"I see. No further questions at this time your honor."

"You may fold now. What's for dessert?"