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A Century Is Nothing A Century Is Nothing
ratings: 4 (avg rating 4.50)

The Language Company The Language Company
ratings: 2 (avg rating 5.00)

Subject to Change Subject to Change
ratings: 2 (avg rating 4.50)

Ice girl in Banlung Ice girl in Banlung
ratings: 2 (avg rating 4.50)

Finch's Cage Finch's Cage
ratings: 2 (avg rating 3.50)

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Book Jacket Blurb


Here's the jacket blurb.
You need a comfortable jacket when fall and winter dance between seasonal shifts. sellsheet_cover.jpg

As Basho, the Haiku poet said, "Travel is human life-life is a journey."

An experiment in perspective, an epic with multiple players, "A Century Is Nothing" takes the reader on a pilgrimage to the subconscious.

Join Omar, an exiled Tuareg Berber and blind prescient writer from the Moroccan Sahara, on his travels as he and Mr. Point, a Vietnam veteran he meets after 9/11, share dreams, myths, and cogitations.

Within the harmonious triad of language, countries, and friends, Omar's journey begins in Morocco; takes him through Ireland, Kuwait, Israel, Bhutan, Japan, Vietnam, the Taos Pueblo, Bali, China, and Tibet; and eventually to 26,000-year-old Paleolithic caves in Spain.

Experiencing joy with a playful childlike sense of delight, the wayfarers explore cultural communities with great passion through healing and meditation. Their stories establish a circle of friendship where authenticity, compassion, kindness, and awareness are highly valued.

A Century Is Nothing explores the journey of life to discover the very essence of the human soul.


Many Thanks



Yes, my dear friend Tom in the states of amnesia has received one hard copy and boxes of paperbacks.

He said he will wrap up the hard copy in an airtight container and bury it beneath a sarcophagus. A time capsule memory.

The paperbacks will be dispersed through the world to individuals. Such a fine little gift.

Many thanks to each and all of you for giving my novel a little look-see, turning pages, inside and outside the perpetual dance of dreams.

Omar sends his regards from Spain. "It's a thing of beauty."
I couldn't have completed it without his wisdom and guidance.
May your path be filled with light and love.



A Century Is Nothing



I am pleased to say my novel, "A Century Is Nothing," has been published and is available through Amazon and iUniverse links on the sidebar.

It feels strange after releasing it into the world. These days I've felt all drifting, and floating sensations while processing marketing directions and connecting with you and others.

Yes, this transition feels calm and centered knowing the work is now not my responsibility - how I have hunted and gathered, sifted, sorted, analyzed it and nurtured it along the edges of dreams, facts, and playful imaginations.

So it goes now dancing free filled with the kindness, respect, dignity and mind fullness it deserves. Out into the stillness, from the center.

Thanks for reading it should you get a copy.
It may make a fine little gift for someone special in your life as we share the adventure.
I look forward to your comments, critiques, and thoughts.



Random Moleskine Notes


Creativity is my meditation. The comic, the absurd. Don't take it all too seriously. The one who laugh's lasts.

Writing suggestion: make your characters want something right away, even if it's only a glass of water. Characters paralyzed by the meaningless of life still have to drink water from time to time.

It's the writer's job to stage confrontations so the characters will say surprising and revealing things and educate and entertain us all. If a writer can't or won't do that, they should get out of the trade.

Writer as hustler. They insist on being read. 

Doodle drama, ah the drama, the unfolding play! Information versus entertainment. Keep them stupid and happy. Children, of all ages, are amused by the idiot box.

We watch all the feelings, sensations and thoughts that arose upon having that event happen. 

Absolved by rain, the deluge.

"Keep your hand moving," whispered the writing teacher. They were strange. All of them.

The teacher in Tang Dynasty clothing filled with dragons, yin-yang mysteries of balance, becoming, a Phoenix rising, a crying crane flying through mist covered mountains while emperors danced with concubines inside Forbidden Cities's red lacquered emotional curiosities where visions of detached ebullient phosphorus streams dove into silence, the abstraction of tonal quality in extreme bliss, a manifestation of phenomenal superior detective analysis and a forty questions of the soul marketing examination at 7:00 p.m. was followed by utter exhaustion.

Draw here please with dancing ink. Speaking of creativity feel free to visit Moleskinerie at


man drills rock (b&w).jpg 


Manuel, The Butcher


Manuel the butcher stared through his jagged window of broken glass remembering the Spanish.
    His face was a mask of weary, solemn stillness. A quiet lying fury.    
    His silent words were the exaltations, evaluations, the expected surcharge, on an empty stomach, a tax for services rendered, reinforcements riding hard through the Basque valleys, listening for waves of German bombers over Guernica in 1936.     
    Beleaguered men held their own inside stone shepherd huts trapped in the desolate Pyrenees mountains spinning and standing grounded, surrounded by empty canteens, day old bread crusts, discarded family heirlooms, spent shell casings, their decomposing bodies relishing solitude.       
    He was required to remember old Fascist propaganda - the spreading of information.
    He is a fleischer, one who slaughters.   
In order to eat, to put food on the table, to provide for his family after peace was declared with celebrations of music, church services, wine, dancing, after burials he was forced by economics to slaughter his remaining beast of burden.

    This bull was his calling card, his vision, his hope, his dream and his identity in the village. Everything else was stolen by dictators, thieves and fascists. All he had was his dignity, integrity and self-respect.
    Time arrived short of sympathy, sentiment or condolences. He sharpened his short axe. Standing in the shade under the brutal Spanish sun he worked steel across a grindstone. Removing old edges. New edges on his blade. It was sharpened with passionate ambivalence.
    Laughter’s axe was ready.

    He walked into the center of the red clay ring surrounded by a white clapboard fence. The bull stood in the far corner. He approached the bull and held out his hands. They were young and lined with pulse rivers. The bull slowly emerged from the shade and Manuel collected the reins. Looking into the animal’s eyes he saw memory reflected in his soul.      
    He sighed, clapped his hands together twice, bowed to the bull, as a Shinto priest pays his respects to Bishamonten, the kami god of benevolent authority. He asked for forgiveness, for his act of fate, raised his laughing axe and brought it down hard and fast on the neck of the bull.    
    The bull froze and slumped, straining to escape the blade carving through old tough weathered skin, muscles, tendons, sinew, snapping final bones. Front legs folded, rear legs buckled. The carcass shuddered as a final breath exploded red dust.
    He clapped his hands again, severed the head and dragged the body to his shop. He cut it up and hung the severed head in his broken window. “For Sale.”    
    His wife served portions to family and neighbors. They consumed his life’s work, toasting his wisdom. Sharing is caring.
    I witnessed this.


man with deer.jpg