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A Century Is Nothing A Century Is Nothing
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The Language Company The Language Company
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Subject to Change Subject to Change
ratings: 2 (avg rating 4.50)

Ice girl in Banlung Ice girl in Banlung
ratings: 2 (avg rating 4.50)

Finch's Cage Finch's Cage
ratings: 2 (avg rating 3.50)

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MK 41 is up


Your beautiful sparkling clean ears will be happy to hear, perhaps listen to MK 41 where a single drop of water explodes out from the center.

Thanks for your attention.


forest man portrait


Exploding cranium


Here is a sonar guided heat leaking satellite image of a typical student's head after an endless day in Ms. Know-It-All's class.

The bulging forehead is crammed with an inexhaustible supply of: math - algebra, calculus, trigonometry, geometry - along with applied and physical sciences, law, music, history, geography, general business, marketing, advertising, international trade, finance, economics, statistics, media studies, telecommunications, video action games, art, painting, drawing, calligraphy, theatre, dance and languages contemplating characters.

The ear is absorbing signals from deep space.
The throat is disextended from being force fed useless data and crap.


photo 47.jpg


2,501 Roses


Welcome to another edition of "The Confusion Mouth," starring...our star of the Mandarin teaching sway, Ms. Know-It-All. You may remember her from the "You should just blend in," episode.

So, the story goes, the little elf was up early as usual one Friday for a morning class of writers. But he had no flowers to share with them in their bland empty room. He pedalled over to his secret rose garden before hordes of sleepy eyed, hungry, bored students hit the pedantic trail.

The garden was a riot of blooming pink and red roses. He trimmed back dead growth and selected six for their public display.

Later, carrying them to class he met the infamous Ms. Know-It-All walking in a crush of staring dumbfounded students.

"Why are you carrying roses?" she said in her normal highly defiant severe tone.
"They are my criteria for beauty."
"You look like a monk," she said, "and monks never carry roses."
"Really? Actually, they were lost, we met by chance and I'm guiding them to a safe place. Isn't life amazing?"


2,501 laughing smiles now


Bring only your ears...


Continuing our sage saga trauma triage the Chinese teacher resumed her Lecture...

"Well now, you see," she emphasized with unknowing cautionary tales, "we are a Confused Confucian based morality. Take the high ethical moral ground, be the silent majority. Practice conformity."

"Abject advice," said an illuminated 14-year old middle school boy looking up from the chess board after castling early to protect his king. His developed pieces protected the middle way.

"My teacher said we should only bring two things to class. Our ears."

"Serious educational tools, ears."
"Yes, he told us to leave food, liquid, books, pens, toys, our eyes and mouth at home. Bring only your ears to my class!"

"Yes, your ears gives him something to twist and turn when he wants to discipline you."
"Yes, my education is an rueful earful."


lock on door.jpg


You should just blend in...


Such wise words from a neurotic Chinese teacher to a wandering fool with a dirty beautiful black bike.

They are trapped in an elevator. Going down.

She's one of the kind ones, one of the gentle souls guiding students with playful innate creativity. Yes, she's one of those well adjusted polemic academics with a heartbeat humming old songs, old odes to potentials waiting to be excavated.

He begins screaming, "Blend in!" Blend in!"

The escape hatch opens and she launches herself out, out into walled compound sentences spewing volcanic advice. This, along with various musings dance in MK 40.

We hear with our eyes and see with our ears.


tai chimusicians 1.jpg