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Entries in humans (3)


jungle mumble


hominids know so much 
understand so little
pigments paint animals
traps, black time marking combs
seals, bison, ice age melts bones


bows, arrows, spears, traps
coal, ash, bark, blood, animal fat
50,000 years of experimentation
still creating in the dark

animal skins, fishing hooks, bone sewing needles
fingers grasping
finer points
settlements, social laws, rules, order

invent a religion

game theory
follow the leader



Tools & Future Plans


After seeing a film The 11th Hour I've reposted this entry. Narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, the film illustrates human greed, corporate power, and consumption habits. There are excellent commentaries by scientists regarding the scale of Earth being consumed.

Save the Earth is more like Earth doesn't need saving. Earth is a natural biosphere. It is a self generating ecosystem. Humans need to change their attitudes and behavior. 

Human animals developed tools. They have learned how to plan. They can visualize the future. Intelligent life on Earth is a rumor.

Earth is a property. It produces natural resources. As we know, humans have developed an insatiable appetite for: minerals, water, forests, fossil fuels, animals, and laughter.

The BP oil disaster in the Gulf is a perfect example of human stupidity based on corporate greed and power. This is compounded by lies, deceit and finger pointing. No one wants to take responsibility for the consequences.

Create the market for shampoo products. It's all petroleum based. Rinse your brain.

As Wade Davis says: "You are either a human or property." The property is being consumed. Greed. Market. As a speaker says, the means and the ends are distorted. Humans are creating their own extinction.

On Earth inside the Milky Way galaxy filled with 100 billion stars is a small town. In the town is a market where people meet, eat, drink, walk around, sleep, talk, gossip, sell, barter, trade, buy, cry, beg, laugh, and use tools to make things.

What are tools? Tools are things to make things. They make something and use it to make other things. This is called human activity. People once used stones to sharpen other stones to make tools.

Can you show us someone making something?

Ok. Here is a man using a mechanical tool to make a gold bracelet. His tool is made of iron, steel and other materials. It uses energy to work. A woman works makes money and buys the thing. Her friends see it and their desire creates demand.

Where does the energy come from? The energy comes from machines converting sun, wind, ocean currents, burning coal and processing high grade uranium 235 isotopes into energy. 235 is capable of sustaining chain reactions producing energy to run machines called plants.

Do you mean a plant is a tool? Yes. A plant is a living organism and very valuable. As well, there are plants that kill humans, like hemlock. Plants collect energy from the sun to grow. Humans harvest plants for medicine and food and so on.

If a man and woman combine their tools can they make things grow like plants? Yes. More like weeds. This human activity is called procreation. Earth has about 6 billion examples and signs of intelligent life is rare.


Show us another tool. Ok, A woman's fingers are tools. She uses her tool to sew colorful objects on a piece of fabric with another tool. The tool is a metal needle. Humans evolved opposable thumbs enabling them to grasp objects. Her thumb is opposable to her forefinger allowing her to use the tool with precision.  

We have time for one more tool. Show us a good one.

This man lives in a poor rural village in Sichuan, China. He is a tool like the gold worker and the seamstress. They are controlled by others and used to perform unpleasant tasks for someone else. They are the means of production in a social and economic sense.

He is using a tool to make new tools. I said this at the beginning of today's story. The stone tools he makes will be used to make a wall, another tool. 

Why do they need to make another wall? They already have a famous wall.
The Chinese have been building walls for 5,000 years. It's in their genetic makeup. 
What is genetics?
A sledgehammer. 

Thank you for your attention.



11th hour action site...



Ash alert


One cool reality being pure wind is the stuff you get to get to blow around. Like kites.

Like toxic ash from exploding Icelandic volcanoes. This natural event traps silly humans on planet Earth. They become anxious, distraught and unreasonable. Especially when they prayed in vain to take a plane on vacation. Planes never get to go on vacation. Machines grind it out, 24/7.

Wind plays. Machines, animals and humans work. They trade their time for a handful of dimes.

What people don't see is fascinating.

People don't see the beautiful cumulus clouds of flying, swimming ash. It's 20,000 - 32,000 feet above their tired misaligned necks. Many assume it's a government plot to limit their freedom of escaping villages, towns and cities. They suspect travel and ticket agents, airlines, security screeners, dead relatives and orphans in Cambodia are all conspiring to prevent their freedom.

Humans are full of hot air. Talking heads prove this unpleasant fact. Their hot air contributes to the reality. Desperate scientists want to solve the natural ash conundrum along with other absurd activities to be famous and remembered by history.

History and Wind and Nature laugh. "HA, HA, HA."

Ash has no passport, nationality or identity theory. Ash is a gypsy. Ash is not discriminated by Europeans because they originated in India in the 9th century, speak Roma and love to sing and dance and tell stories.

Ash is an illiterate traveller. Ash does not bore humans with reminiscences.
Ash is free to sing, dance and go wherever they want.

Blow wind blow, blow my baby back to me.